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The thing is Sony NEEDED to make a new console. They fucked up so bad with the PS3. Though it was a great system developers had so much trouble making games for it and a lot of 3rd party games were crap on it. Great example? Skyrim. It was so hard to make on the PS3 that it was buggy, broke, freezing, and they even decided not to make the DLC for it.

Sony learned and they went to the developers for help to help them make a great system. The PS4 is that system and you will see that the developers will choose that over the new Xbox any day. They will make the game on PS4 and port it to the new xbox and so forth like they did this generation. Sony said they wanted to go all out for next gen and destroy Microsoft. So far they threw the first punch heard around the world and now it's Microsoft's turn to punch back...if they can
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