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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
One thing that might have fucked it up was that I didn't wear the black do-rag. I had a Tribe hat on instead.
OK, that was my issue. I was looking for a do-rag the whole time because that would be the best distinguishing factor. I did see someone with a black one, but I've seen a picture of you (from the Gojira show) and it wasn't you. I got there with my friends about 15 minutes before Intronaut. We were behind the soundboard for them. After they finished, I literally did like 3 rounds over the whole venue looking for you. After AAL, my buddy got us spots up on the balcony (the right side) and we watched Meshuggah there. I even tried scanning the floor for you, but alas, no dice. Sorry bud, but either way that was a fucking great time! And I agree, The Welding is ridiculous!

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