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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
So, someone from Three then...
Yup, Joey Eppard.

We are playing a special one off gig on Friday night. I am sure I will have both audio and video versions of the show starting Saturday. I can't talk about it too much as it is a secret show right now, But Josh Eppard was suppose to be playing this, he can't because of Coheed and Cambria, and Joey asked me if I was interested in Jamming. I immediately said FUCK YES!!!! So that night I am officially an Eppard....Josh Eppard.

Tomorrow he is sending me the set of what songs to play, or at least have an idea on how to play. A lot of it will be Improv, blues type jamming, and his own songs.

As far as Testament, unlike the Milwaukee show that garage had a problem with, every band was on fire. But I'll save that for my review. Along with the Meshuggah show that happened tonight.
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