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The angle they did with Muhammad Hassan wasn't just dropped for no reason at all. This is the reason why:

This aired the same day of the terroist bombing of London in 2005. UPN got mad at the WWE over this and told them to either drop the character or they wouldn't air Smackdown anymore. So they ended the character at The Great American Bash, which was from here and I attended, when the Undertaker powerbomed Hassan through the entrance ramp and to the floor:

It wasn't a case of Hassan not being skilled enough in the ring or anything like that. The guy was pretty young then and was no doubt still learning. The beatdown happening the same day as those attacks just caused too much controversy and the WWE had to end Hassan's character because of it. It's a shame to because that guy had the potential to be one of the greatest heels ever. They were doing great with the character until the attack on London caused everything to go downhill for him.
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