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Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
If it's a new story (which I think it is), then I'm ok with Jorn not being there. He was the voice of the Scarecrow trilogy (aside from Tobias), and while he's a great singer, I wouldn't mind seeing someone new step up and be just as great. On the other hand, all of his work outside of Avantasia hasn't really interested me.
His career has pretty much gone down the toilet of dullness over the past 5 years. His first couple of solo records have some really cool tracks on them, and his work on Ark's "Burn the Sun" and the first two Masterplan albums are the stuff of legend for me. I love him from that stuff before anything else. The one Beyond Twilight album he's on is pretty awesome if you're into more experimental, dark Prog Metal, and the Allen/Lande CD's are awesome in my book. But yeah, all of his solo/related work since 2008 has gotten really dull to the point that I have next to no interest in it anymore, and the last Masterplan album was almost painfully mediocre.
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