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New Burzum album "Sôl austan, Mâni vestan"

"«Sôl austan, Mâni vestan» will feature ≈58 minutes of instrumental electronic music, that can best be described as relaxing, slow-paced, contemplative and very much original. You have not heard anything like this before, although we can compare it to other electronic music, such as Tangerine Dream, from the 1980ies — and I guess to old electronic Burzum music as well."

Full post by Varg here:

It is planned for release in May according to Back on Black's website.

  1. Sôl austan («East of the Sun»)
  2. Rûnar munt şû finna («You shall find Secrets»)
  3. Sôlarrâs («Sun-journey»)
  4. Haugaeldr («Burial Mound Fire»)
  5. Feğrahellir («Forebear-Cave»)
  6. Sôlarguği («Sun-god»)
  7. Ganga at sôlu («Deasil»)
  8. Hîğ («Bear’s Lair»)
  9. Heljarmyrkr («Death’s Darkness»)
  10. Mâni vestan («West of the Moon»)
  11. Sôlbjörg («Sunset»)
5.17 Scion Rock Fest
7.11 Sargeist

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