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This is exactly how Bruce has acted since 1999 at almost all the gigs I've attended, Ozzfest or not. Perhaps, the difference might be that his on stage bullshit has boiled over into interviews now so people notice his stage behavior more.

I'm glad to see that almost everyone here is starting to smell the coffee on this matter. To those of you who don't, all I can say is

Something that I'd like everyone to consider is that Bruce's complaints about energy at the gigs seem to me to be something of a facade. Americans are at least as energetic, probably a lot more so than Japanese audiences. Go check your bootlegs to see how often per gig he cusses out the Japanese audiences compared to American audiences. After you do, I think you'll find that something else is going on here.

The bottom line is that Bruce is a dick. If some of you really want to continue making excuses for him, than go ahead, but it all rings very hollow.
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