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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
60.Set The World On Fire - Black Veil Brides

1.New Religion
2.Set The World On Fire
3.Fallen Angels
4.Love Isn't Always Fair
5.God Bless You
6.Rebel Love Song
8.The Legacy
9.Die For You
11.Youth & Whisky
12.Smoke And Mirrors

Genre: Glam Metal

Well, I probably will get bashed for this.Wait, take that back, I WILL get bashed for this, and do I care? Absolutely, positively NOT.I could care less what anybody else says, this is a absolute fantastic album.When I first heard "Knives And Pens" I almost immediately hated the band.I thought that they were just another crappy metalcore act, but this album changed my views completely.Instantly I here their sound has shifted to my favorite genre that I once thought that was almost gone, glam metal.This is definitely a new take on the glam metal genre, something that's not flat out copying the previous generation, rather is taking the sound of 80's rock and bringing into a new generation.To me they sound like W.A.S.P. meets Motley Crue with a newer sound.Songs like "Rebel Love Song" and "Die For You" wouldn't be expected to be recorded in the 80's, but are undoubtedly still glam metal.Highlights include the uplifting title-track, signature anthem "Fallen Angels", and my favorite, the perfect example of 80's glam with a new sound "The Legacy".

Standout Track:
"The Legacy"
so maybe I don't really know what glam means, but outside of some tracks like fallen angels I really don't hear glam in much of this record.... it is an awesome album, although not as good as wreched and devine IMO
so close, no matter how far.

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