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Originally Posted by GarageMetal468 View Post
So overall, the Testament show fucking blew. Here's why:

- First off, fuck Milwaukee. The people there are inbred morons. Really made me appreciate Chicago a lot more.

- Flotsam & Jetsam were great, especially all the old songs they played (No Place for Disgrace and Hammerhead live ) but the new songs sucked a ton of dick. Wow. Giddy Up? Come on.

- Chuck Billy sounded like ass. Sure it was cool seeing some of the songs from The Legacy I haven't seen before but that was about it. At least Alex sounded awesome, and Gene was a beast as always.

- My friend had a seizure right next to me from Testament's strobe lights. 2 of our other friends and I carried him out to the lobby where security helped us out and called an ambulance. That was fucked up, seriously. I'm still in shock from it now. At least he got medical attention right away and he's doing a lot better now.

So yeah, I'm sure this show would've been a billion times better if my friend didn't have a seizure, it was in Chicago, and Overkill didn't drop.
Other than the seizure stuff (which I can totally see happening, those are some serious strobes), you had the same concert experience as I did... other than the inbred Milwaukeans of course. Flotsam's new stuff is total garbage. My one buddy had never heard them before and when they were playing the first song, "Ugly Noise" he kind of looked at me, like 'really?' Then they play "Iron Tears" and it's like a light turned on in his head! Chuck fucking sucked... I give him credit for trying, but seriously, with Overkill dropping off the tour completely and Testament not being able to perform to their full ability, they should just cancel and re-start once everyone is healthy.
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