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Originally Posted by W0unds View Post
Agreed, I thought this would have been at the Opera House as the Annex only has a capacity of 450 according to Google. I will be sure to grab a ticket soon after they go on sale.

Definitely going to this show though, hopefully the Annex doesn't put a curfew in place for this show. They did this for SepticFlesh earlier this year where they had to be done by 10:30pm so they could switch over to a dance club at 11pm.
The Opera House was booked for that day, so that's why it's at the Wreckroom.

That might actually be a negative point though. The moshing is going to be so crazy that it seems like it could be bad for anybody who just wants to watch the show. On the other hand, being that close to Suffocation would be awesome!
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