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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden
Bruce is right, stop whining, just ask TP about the difference between US and Canadian Maiden crowds

We don't have second row concert goers eating hot dogs during the Trooper here, that said, I agree that he should keep is mouth shut, cause what possitive things can he get out of that ??? Nothing.

Cheers !!!

Why should we be "told" how to enjoy a concert? Maybe there should be an instruction manual passed out before the show. Read the manual and sign on the line or you can't enter the venue. If you don't agree to participate you can get a refund at the box office.

I can't sit still during a concert but that doesn't mean that other people can't just sit back and enjoy the show. You can't expect to berate the crowd enough to force them to participate the way you want them to. It's ridiculous. It actually makes me want to participate less.
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