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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
I didn't think the crowd gave him a huge pop like they did Orton and Y2J.

Commentary was sucking his dick though.
He certainly didn't get as big of a pop as Orton or Jericho but he got a solid one for a heel. He got one during his entrance, when he entered the chamber and when he returned to the chamber after getting eliminated is when he got the strongest one. That's how it starts with heels before they turn face. You start getting a decent amount of cheers and before you know it the turn happens.

Fans like seeing Mark Henry destroy people. I wouldn't be surprised if by the summer he was getting massively over as a face. I just hope the WWE keeps the character the same if that happens. It's so obvious that Henry should be an ustoppable wrecking ball. I don't understand how it took the WWE 15 years to figure out what to do with him?
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