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Honorable Mention #6
Napalm Death
From Enslavement to Obliteration (1988)

Leaders Not Followers (1999)

the Code is Red…Long Live the Code (2005)

Smear Campaign (2006)

Even though I consider Napalm Death to be one of my favorite bands I didn’t have any of their albums in my top twenty. It’s probably just because I love Napalm Death as a whole. And while some of their albums may be a little better than others pretty much everything they’ve released has been solid. Of their earliest grindcore albums I prefer From Enslavement to Obliteration because the songs and production are just better and I like Lee Dorins vocals better. For some stupid reason though I always call it From Enslavement to Oblivion and I have to go back and correct every post I make that makes mention of it. Like this one, I had to correct myself three times. Leaders Not Followers is awesome because it’s short, sweet and has two of the most brutal ND songs of all time in Incinerator and Nazi Punks Fuck Off (even though they’re covers). And the one-two punch of the Code is Red…Long Live the Code and Smear Campaign is just awesome. If any album by them was to have made it into my top twenty it would probably have been the Code is Red…Long Live the Code.
Favorite Song (From Enslavement to Obliteration): Uncertainty Blurs The Vision
Favorite Song (Leaders Not Followers): Incinerator
Favorite Song (the Code is Red…Long Live the Code): Right You Are
Favorite Song (Smear Campaign): Sink Fast, Let Go

I also love how terrible some of their videos are. If you watched the one for Incinerator you probably noticed that it didn't even look like Barney was singing that song. I think the one for Suffer the Children was like that too, and I think their were a few more as well.
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