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Here's some classic Chris Jericho from WCW just because. He's still awesome now, but he was FUCKING AWESOME then.

The man of 1004 holds

Slamboree 1998 (the audio seems off to me but it doesn't really matter)

And I always loved his entrance music

I stopped watching wrestling in around 1993. I used to look after a few kids in 1998 and they loved wrestling. So I watched it with them. I thought WWF was pretty cool because it had all these guys I didn't know, and I thought WCW was pretty cool too because it had all the guys I remembered watching five or ten years earlier. But what I enjoyed more than anything was this doofus with silly blonde hair who just came out and seemed soley intent on pissing people off. I don't think I even saw him wrestle for a the first few weeks I was watching. So Chris Jericho is what got me back into wrestling.
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