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Don't know if any of you dudes remember or not, but I ended up interviewing this one death metal band made of high school kids, Hemotoxin, last summer. Still probably the lamest interview I've done, they made it painfully obvious that they were green to everything business related when it came to music. I hadn't kept up with them at all since then, but I guess they released an album. Their guitarist sent me a message on Facebook asking me for a review. After basically scolding the dude for asking for a review after the release date, not sending a promo and asking over Facebook instead of through an email to Metal Assault, I said sure since I figured it would be cool to review the debut record by one of the small bands I covered when I first started with interviews.

Surprisingly the album doesn't suck. It isn't mindblowing in any way, but the music isn't offensive, the production is actually pretty okay, and the band sounds a lot more grown up than they really are. The album is 'Between Forever... and the End' by Hemotoxin if any of you guys wanted to check it out.
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