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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Music doesnt have to be serious. I just think glam anything is too cheesy and concerned with the appeal. Not a fan of the lyrics either and I find it too repetitive, dull and cut and paste. I used like Motley Crue though haha Anyways to each their own. Cool thread none the less.
Well everyone has there own opinion of course.I personally always liked the image, as long as it wasn't too girly (I'm not crazy about early era Poison image).Bands only used that image so that could get noticed and get the recognition they deserve, but unfortunately some people look at glam bands and write them off as "garbage" just because of their image and never listen to the music.Anyway, hope you find some stuff you like in this thread and hopefully give the glam bands you haven't heard a chance.Keep on rockin'
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