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Marduk didn't play "The Leveling Dust," even though it was on the setlist. "Deme Quaden Thyrane" was really cool to hear live, but other than that I thought their set was disappointing. I didn't stay for the encore.

Inquisition was the best band of the night. They totally surpassed Marduk (which reminds me of the last time I saw Marduk live, when Weapon opened for them and did the same).

Moonspell were a lot better than I had expected. The new songs sound good and I'll probably check out the new album soon (thanks for the setlist tenchimyo).

I only got a good look of Inquisition's merch, but I did notice Moonspell were selling shirts with their old black metal logo. Inquisition was selling their "Baptized," "Magnificent Glorification...," and "Lucifer" shirts (which can also be found here: http://holymountainprinting.bigcarte...ry/inquisition), but the "Lucifer" shirt was black print on a red shirt. $20 each.
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