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64.In The Heart Of The Young - Winger

1.Can't Get Enuff
2.Loosen Up
3.Miles Away
4.Easy Come Easy Go
5.Rainbow In The Rose
6.In The Day We'll Never See
7.Under One Condition
8.Little Dirty Blonde
9.Baptized By Fire
10.You Are The Saint, I Am The Sinner
11.In The Heart Of Young

Genre: Glam Metal

To this day I remember when my friend let my listen to "In The Day We'll Never See" when I was 9, and ever since then I loved this album.It was my favorite album at that time of my life, and still holds it's place as one of my favorite albums of all time.The guitar playing is outstanding on this album, courtesy of Reb Beach and Paul Taylor.Both guitar players were my favorites as a kid.The standouts are the extremely underrated "In The Day We'll Never See", the guitar shredding assault that is "Baptized By Fire", and the power ballad "Miles Away".By this time you probably know that I love power ballads .A solid glam metal album that surpasses their debut by leaps and bounds.

Standout Tracks:
"In The Day We'll Never See"
6/28 - Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla
8/29 - Rick Springfield/Loverboy/The Romantics
8/30 - Motley Crue

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