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Eric Hoffman's Love Letter To Glen Benton

This explains so very, Very, VERY much:

Reason for DEICIDE split, Earache records sends all royalties and publishing to c/o Glen Benton. He has now taken all royalties, publishing and merch for nine years from Scars of the Crucifix, that went silver. He did not write one song on Scars. The only song he ever wrote in his career was part of Trifixtion. I arranged all DEICIDE songs. Glen you bitch, I wrote all of Torment in Hell to get off Roadrunner in 5 days, and I did not take all the royalties. We were a team no matter who wrote what. It was split 4 ways. You were hired and fired numerous times in DEICIDE. I played the bass on Pentecostal, just one of my songs on Scars. I also purchased/gave him a BEAST bass to play on Scars, pathetic scumbag. Steve Ashaimed claimed to the IRS he sent us $4000 each on a tax statement for Scars. Which we did not receive. Clearly fraud, you scumbag. You will get what is comming, mother fuckers. If you see Glen live please spit in his mouth for me, thank you.
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