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Originally Posted by EvilCheeseWedge View Post
A lot of these are really directed at a younger EvilCheeseWedge:
  • Dio can write about whatever the fuck he wants, because he's fucking Dio.* (Suck it, 2007 EvilCheeseWedge.)
  • Bruce Dickinson's solo work effortlessly eclipses Iron Maiden's post-Dance of Death output by a considerable margin, and maybe even Dance of Death (especially after you adjust for and factor out my lingering nostalgia.)
  • What Steve Harris is: A great bassist, a shrewd businessman, prone to tedium, a great songwriter, and a mediocre songwriter.
  • What Steve Harris is not: Consistent.
  • Dave Mustaine's insanity negatively affects my interest in and enjoyment of anything Megadeth has done or will do.
  • Most metal fans/music fans in general have a distorted, inaccurate, borderline fantasy view on: songwriting, musical theory, and the general mechanics and variances in how actual musicians and songwriters operate.
  • Don't even think of trying to convince them of that, though.
  • AC/DC is great at being AC/DC, so why do they need to be anything else? (Suck it, 2004 EvilCheeseWedge.)
  • Ozzy Osbourne is a great performer/entertainer whose place in metal history is warranted. Complaints about The Osbournes be damned.
  • Ozzy Osbourne is not a great vocalist, or songwriter. (So what?)

Also, I think the comparison of Guitar Center to a gym is amusingly apt.

*Present tense, because a) it's too sad to use past tense, and b) you never know...

Well wouldn't you know who fuckin won the pony.

1.* That's awesome
2.* absolutely. Fuck I can barely even listen to DoD anymore except out of Nostalgia cos it was the start of Steve Harris descending into mediocrity.
3. * Agreed, especially with tedium
4. * Well, he has been consistently trying to write X-Factor over and over again as a result of being butthurt over a new formula not being accepted the first time,
5. * Disagree, but understandable. He's really making it hard not to forsake him.
6 & 7. * I like to think I have an ok grasp on this but eh....?
8.* Absolutely.
9.* Disagree on both counts. If you want to go by what songwriting credit royalties do, the "music" of a song has never had anything to do with the instrumentation, but the vocal melody itself. Ozzy's done nothing but write vocal melodies his whole life. When you combine that with lyrics, in that sense all songwriting credits for Black Sabbath should go exclusively to Ozzy & Geezer. This philosophy sort of makes sense when you realize that it started in the 40's-50's when the only real part of a song people cared about was the vocals, and most music stars were straight singers with orchestras or backing groups backing them. Wasn't til the Beatles when that started to change.

And one contribution for me:

When Iron Maiden stepped into the studio with Blaze in 1994, they were trying to write a Candlemass album. The problem with that is you need an extremely strong, Sabbath like emphasis on riffs, and Maiden weren't quite overt with those even in the 80s. The fast twin harmony riffs just don't work for doom metal. If Steve had paid more attention to Candlemass (or even the crop of stoner metal bands in the 90s) he might have been able to get away with it. But he just didn't shed enough of that "Maiden skin" to pull that off.
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