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A lot of these are really directed at a younger EvilCheeseWedge:
  • Dio can write about whatever the fuck he wants, because he's fucking Dio.* (Suck it, 2007 EvilCheeseWedge.)
  • Bruce Dickinson's solo work effortlessly eclipses Iron Maiden's post-Dance of Death output by a considerable margin, and maybe even Dance of Death (especially after you adjust for and factor out my lingering nostalgia.)
  • What Steve Harris is: A great bassist, a shrewd businessman, prone to tedium, a great songwriter, and a mediocre songwriter.
  • What Steve Harris is not: Consistent.
  • Dave Mustaine's insanity negatively affects my interest in and enjoyment of anything Megadeth has done or will do.
  • Most metal fans/music fans in general have a distorted, inaccurate, borderline fantasy view on: songwriting, musical theory, and the general mechanics and variances in how actual musicians and songwriters operate.
  • Don't even think of trying to convince them of that, though.
  • AC/DC is great at being AC/DC, so why do they need to be anything else? (Suck it, 2004 EvilCheeseWedge.)
  • Ozzy Osbourne is a great performer/entertainer whose place in metal history is warranted. Complaints about The Osbournes be damned.
  • Ozzy Osbourne is not a great vocalist, or songwriter. (So what?)

Also, I think the comparison of Guitar Center to a gym is amusingly apt.

*Present tense, because a) it's too sad to use past tense, and b) you never know...
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