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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
So Sanitarium, I don't suppose you would like to debunk JR's argument in favor of Rock would you?
I would love to.

First of all these comments were obviously made before last years wrestlemania which was before Rock and Cena stunk up the joint with a terrible mania main event. Also, all the Rock has done in his current run is mail it in which is something JR believed he wouldn't do. He's not doing house shows as the WWE champ and his two matches with Punk were terrible because all the Rock did was lie around on the mat for the bulk of them and didn't do shit. He is not giving his all and he's not going at it full bore. He's being as lazy as he possible can and while it's taken over a year, JR's comments have been proven wrong by The Rock's current lackluster run with the WWE.

I know what a big star he is and what he means to the buisness, I never knocked him for that. But his current run proves he doesn't give a shit anymore and is in no shape to be wrestling. He's in great shape but like JBL said at the Rumble, the rock is not in "ring" shape. He comes back because of the money. He makes a ton to do mania and his movies make more becasue they will be promoted to death on WWE TV. I don't buy the Rock's claims of loving this buisness and the fans. If he did, he would have never left for as long as he did and when he came back he would've put in a goddamn effort. I've never liked him but at least during the attitude era he did his part during matches. He's not doing that anymore. If he loves the fans so much how come as WWE Champion he is not going out and performing at the house shows leading up to mania? Those fans must not be worthy of his presence at all. I guess as long as there's a TV camera around the Rock loves the business and the fans but if the cameras aren't rolling then fuck the fans.

Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
What will Kane gain from it? Nothing! He will be a midlevel card guy forever and constantly just be used to push other guys.
While the idea of Kane ending the streak makes sense, I agree that he would gain nothing out of it. He's in his mid 40s now and while he's remained pretty healthy thoughout his career, especially for a guy his size, he probably only has a couple years left as a full time performer.

If the streak were to end, it should be done by a fulltime performer who they know is gonna stick around for awhile. Someone who can benefit from it and use it to catapult himself into permanent main event/legendary status. Right now the only guy who fits this mold is CM Punk. How will he beat Taker some may wonder? Well that's easy, with help from The Shield which would also give them a huge boost as well.

Taker is my favorite of all time and I really don't want to see the streak ever end. But if there's anyone on the current roster who should do it, it's Punk. The level of heat he would get and the boost it would give to his career would be bigger than any amount of world titles he can win.

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