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66.Tooth And Nail - Dokken

1.Without Warning
2.Tooth And Nail
3.Just Got Lucky
4.Heartless Heart
5.Don't Close Your Eyes
6.When Heaven Comes Down
7.Into The Fire
8.Bullets To Spare
9.Alone Again
10.Turn On The Action

Genre: Heavy Metal/Glam Metal

Dokken are a very underrated band, and I never understood why they weren't bigger than they were.Their first two albums are undoubtedly heavy metal albums, just with a glam touch, with their other albums taken more of a glam approach.This is definitely Dokken's best album in my opinion, with Don and George at their best.Every song on here is killer, from the haunting prelude track "Without Warning" to the speed metal sounding "Turn On The Action".Best tracks are definitely the power ballad "Alone Again",possibly one of the greatest power ballads, the blazing title-track, and my personnel favorite, "Just Got Lucky".A great heavy metal album.

Standout Track:
"Just Got Lucky"
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