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Meshuggah -- Toronto, Ontario -- February 19th, 2013

I figured I would post this set as Meshuggah played a slightly different (and longer)set than they have thus far on the tour.

This show was at Sound Academy in Toronto which is probably my least favorite venue in the city for a variety of reasons - poor sight lines, expensive parking, iffy sound quality. Waiting in line was easily the coldest I have been waiting for a show as it is right down on the waterfront so we got the -25 degree (-13 Fahrenheit) winds off Lake Ontario blasting into the lineup outside.

I checked out Intronaut and they had a very sizeable crowd. I assume they played the same set they have been playing for the rest of the tour. They weren't bad but nothing really to draw me in other than 2-3 heavier bits.

After a quick stage change up Animals as Leaders came on. This was my first time seeing these guys play and I was impressed by their technical prowess. I would love to see them playing in a small club or bar where it is up close and intimate. I would also be interested in knowing what software they use to make their music synced visuals for their projection screens as that is pretty cool looking. They played:

An Infinite Regression
Tempting Time
Wave of Babies
Do Not Go Gently
Cylindrical Sea
New Eden

Source: Me

Eventually it was finally time for Meshuggah to take the stage, as far as everyone had heard Jens was better and would be performing but there was still plenty of speculation amongst the crowd if he would be onstage or not. Fortunately after a few minute wait the entire band came out and launched into "Swarm". Here is their setlist:

Behind the Sun
Do Not Look Down
The Hurt Which Finds You
I Am Colossus
Mind's Mirrors
In Death - Is Life
In Death - Is Death
Personae Non Gratae
Break Those Bones
Straws Pulled at Random
Dancers to a Discordant System

Source: Me/verified with

I was very happy that we got "obZen" as it is one of my personal favorite tracks. The energy level was very high all night and these guys are truly great performers. "Bleed" followed by "Break Those Bones" has to be one of the craziest pits I have been in, wall to wall moshing near the front. Their lighting setup was very impressive as well, quite possibly the best I have seen from a non-arena sized band.

The only other song I was hoping would be added was "Demiurge" as I missed them on the first leg of their Koloss tour where they were opening with it. I can't complain though as the set we got was quite a bit longer than the previous dates so hopefully they keep it this length now that Jens is feeling better. Overall an awesome show.
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