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Sorry guys, it's been a very hectic few weeks with it only getting more and more busy, hope Week 38 of the show makes up for it:

WEEK 38:

Adora Vivos- These Dark Roads
Cancer Bats- Road Sick
Stratovarius- Nemesis
Enforcer- Mesmerized By Fire
Firewind- World on Fire
Gus G. Interview
Firewind- Few Against Many
Shining- I Won't Forget
Dreamshade- Late Confessions
Omnium Gatherum- New Dynamic
Vreid- The Reap
Turisas- The March Of The Varangian Guard
Turisas Interview
Turisas- To Holmgard and Beyond
The Circle Ends Here- Remiss
Devourment- Fifty Ton War Machine
Stolen Babies- Mousefood
Rani Sharone Interview
Stolen Babies- Never Come Back
Adora Vivos- Towards the Emperyan
Ancient VVisdom- Here Is The Grave
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