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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Taker isn't going to wrestle Brock. He is too reckless with his style and Taker won't have a match with someone who can seriously hurt him at this point in his career. Wrestlemania tickets go on sale well before the card is announced. This year's is close to selling out, there's not too many people waiting to see who Taker will fight before they get tickets. So people having doubt about weather the streak stays doesn't seem to matter when it comes to selling out wrestlemania.
Wrestlemania is gonna sell out every year regardless. I think by ticket JRA meant PPV purchase.

After reading some post complaining about it in this thread I looked up the new belt. What I find stupid about it is the Rock logos on the sides. Why go to the effort of making a new belt when it's only gonna be around for a couple of months? Are they just gonna bring back the spinner when they give Cena the title?

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