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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed
Bruce ain't going to attract new fans this way... :

I can't wait for the story behind Maiden and Ozzfest to leak.. and it will eventually.
Here's a rundown on Bruce, before I head back to the lake...

He was never happy with the crowd's energy. I understand that not many people were responding. However, there were people like me going absolutely ape-shit the whole time. Instead of being angry that not every person is going crazy, he should be thankful for the ones that are... we got no respect. He constantly complained about us not being loud enough, and there were a fair number of people going crazy. He also whined about the venue name, "DTE Energy Music Theater, what kind of a fucking name is that for rock?" He mentioned it a few other times. That doesn't bother me, it just seems whiney. He also mentioned we should come see them this fall on tour, because this wasn't a "real tour". Also, I haven't heard anything about a fall NA tour?

Maybe that's just how Bruce always is, but if so... he really comes off as an arrogant asshole.

That said, Maiden's set was absolutely amazing
2/24 - The Foundry
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