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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
So you're going then? That settles it. This is the show where we will finally shake hands, or I will make fun of you after every post you make on this forum for the rest of my days. I will be wearing cargo shorts, a Meshuggah tour shirt with a blue silhouette of the obZen guy sitting in a lotus pose, gray New Balance shoes with orange trim, and a black bandanna. I'm 6'-4" and 270 (ish), so there'll be no fucking excuse for missing me. I'll be there with two other dudes - one who wears glasses and is as tall as me, and the other of which is shorter but weighs even more than me. You can't miss us, man.

EDIT: Before the show, we'll be getting a bite to eat at the new CHIPOTLE, BITCHES near Public Square across from the Horseshoe (which is where I'll be - in the poker room, specifically - after the show ).
Yes! It's about fucking time. My guess is I'll have a black Neurosis hoodie, jeans and black adidas on. Shaved head and a beard, 6'0'' 160. I'll be there with a shit ton of people, but I'll look for you. I'm actually moving west next month and this may be my last Cleveland metal show (what timing!). See you there bro.
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