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30. The Incomprable Mr. Flannery
29. What Would A Wookie Do?

This is a song I would consider to be a bit of a hidden gem from Clutch. This song comes off of the Pitchforks & Lost Needles album which was really nothing more than re-release and songs off of early 7" albums from the early 90s. This track was nothing more than a studio outtake from the Robot Hive/Exodus album. Honestly I'm not sure why this didn't make it RH/E album, IMO it would have been one of the better songs on the whole album. More of what Clutch does best, quirky subject matter with killer (slightly funky bassline) straight ahead rock. This is one on my Clutch list that I have never got to hear live but I have my doubts. According to it's only been played 5x and it hasn't been played since '07. Not lookin good but still a killer song that maybe not everyone has heard before.

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