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OzzFest -- Detroit, MI -- August 4th, 2005

It's true, Bruce did fall. He's also an incredible asshole who constantly scolded the crowd, complained about the name of the venue, and mentioned that this isn't a real tour, etc. etc. Sabbath was spot on, and definitely had the place 10x more alive then Maiden. Both bands were awesome. Maiden opened with "Murders in the Rue Morgue", which was a great surprise, since I was expecting "Wrathchild". Sabbath didn't play "The Wizard", but their set was very tight, and Ozzy seemed just fine, although he mentioned he was sick and said his voice might crack as a result.

It was a great show, but I didn't have a report last night, nor now, beause we got hit in the parking lot. Some fuckers decided they had the right away coming out of their spot, and slammed straight into us while we weren't even moving. So... we had to get the Michigan police involved and all that. We didn't get back until 4AM...

I'll have a full report tomorrow once I return from my vacation, I just wanted to let everyone know that it was a really great show. Both the headliners had an incredible amount of energy, and the performances were spot on. I'll have the full details later though...

I also see I really lucked out on seeing Sabbath...
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