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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Of fucking course no one does. Vince would rather job Cena to Brian Danielson in 15 seconds at Mania than make Taker lose. BUT, the point is to create heat, to create tension, to create doubt.

Let's be honest, there was a slight draw to seeing HHH take on Undertaker those 2nd and 3rd times because we thought "OK, maybe HHH will use his political power to go over Undertaker at mania." Really everything except who won that match was irrelevant, but it worked because of that one doubt. That's all you need is a doubt. There is no doubt whatsoever that Taker would beat Punk at mania. Now on the other hand someone like Brock Lesnar... that would create doubt. That would make the viewer think "hmmmm....maybe Brock has a chance of winning here." That doubt is all it takes to sell a ticket.
Taker isn't going to wrestle Brock. He is too reckless with his style and Taker won't have a match with someone who can seriously hurt him at this point in his career. Wrestlemania tickets go on sale well before the card is announced. This year's is close to selling out, there's not too many people waiting to see who Taker will fight before they get tickets. So people having doubt about weather the streak stays doesn't seem to matter when it comes to selling out wrestlemania.

There aren't too many fans who wanna see the streak end and I doubt any of them purchase wrestlemania in hopes of seeing it end at this point. They just want to see Taker have a hell of a match with somebody and keep the streak alive and most fans will be happy. With Punk vs Taker that's exactly what they'll get.

The new WWE title is fuckin terrible. I'm guessing Cena will bring back the spinner when he wins at mania but still, the new belt looks like just as big of a joke as the spinner does. But since Rock is nothing but a joke champion anyways the new design makes sense. Once again at the PPV sunday he had an awful match and Punk knew he couldn't save all the suck that the Rock has in the ring at this point so Punk didn't even try either. Who can blame him? The Rock is only wrestling once a month and not doing any house shows. If he doesn't give a shit and doesn't put in an effort then why should Punk? There's no need for him to bust his ass for a guy who's doing nothing but coming back to promote his moives and then is leaving.

If The Rock didn't have a shitty movie coming out this month and then the GI Joe one next month he would not even have bothered coming back and that's a fact. He talks about how much he loves the fans and the wrestling buisness yet he only comes around when he has a movie to promote and then he puts in as little effort as possible before he leaves the WWE again. Yet, he's the current WWE champion If people want to continue to cheer and look up to a hypocrite like him then I feel sorry for them.

Whoops, didn't realise that was gonna turn into another anti Rock rant