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That sucks. We did get the usual 16 song set the night before in Buffalo. Chuck did seem to be struggling a bit vocally during certain points but it wasn't enough to kill the show experience at all.

It looks like they cut out three new ones More Than Meets The Eye and Formation but they did Over The Wall which we didn't get. That's not really a hard one to sing though so it makes sense. I thought there may have been some problems with this tour when I saw how fucked up the routing was. This show last night was their seventh in a row without a day off. It's not suprising Blitz got sick and Chuck's voice is struggling. These are 50 year old men now and while it is their job to go out on tour, they still need to have a day off after doing three or four shows in a row. I don't know if the band has any say in how many shows they can do in a row but the person who booked this tour needs to be fired. I wouldn't even have a band half the age of these guys working that many shows straight without a night off.

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