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Converge -- Sydney, Australia -- February 16th, 2013

Fourth time seeing Converge, and I have to say they keep getting better. Sounded amazing, Jacob was as frenetic as ever and they put on a killer set. Only complaint is that for a band with a back catalogue as big as they do, they could probably fit a few more songs in!

As an added bonus, Old Man Gloom were the support for this tour, with Stephen Brodsky replacing Caleb Scofield on tour duties. I have to say, with Genghis Tron as support for their last Australian tour and OMG as current support, Australia has done pretty well with Converge tours!

Good on Nate Newton for doing double duties for the whole tour too!

Old Man Gloom (had a billed 40 minute set but played for a full hour):

Flood I
Branch Breaker
Common Species
Hot Salvation
Jaws of the Lion
Sleeping With Snakes
Rape Athena
To Carry the Flame
Afraid Of
Bells Dark Above Our Heads


Dark Horse
Aimless Arrow
All We Love We Leave Behind
Bitter and Then Some
Glacial Pace
Locust Reign
Sadness Comes Home
Empty on the Inside
Worms Will Feed/Rats Will Feast
Axe to Fall
Eagles Become Vultures
The Broken Vow

First Light
Last Light
Paul McCartney (London)
Temples Festival (Bristol)
Primavera Sound Festival (Porto)
Copenhell Festival (Copenhagen)
Primus (London)
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