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I came here for 3rd Strike setlists, where are the 3rd Strike setlists
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Haha 3 stages at Spider House? That's insane. I love that place, but 3 metal bands playing there simultaneously is bonkers. I used to stay like 2 blocks from there.

No Thrasher party this year? I haven't heard anything about it. That's too bad if there's not, I saw some of the best stuff of my fest there last year - Fear, Cro Mags, Nachtmystium in a tiny room, High on Fire, Black Cobra, Primitive Weapons, etc.

I don't think I'll make it this year. I was on a panel last year so I got a badge, and I've had badges for work in previous years. SXSW wears me the hell out after about two days, though, and I end up skipping shows and drinking in my friends' yards instead.
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