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I'm a bit late but I saw Django Unchained tonight. I didn't really like it. The violence was gratuitus (sp) but got a little too over the top. And it seemed to me a few times like it didn't know what genre it wanted to be. It went from serious, to a comedy then back. I know with Tarentino that's part of his style. And I didn't like the integration of hip-hop in the soundtrack. It pretty much lost me in the dinner scene, where they were buying Broomheilda. I was ready for it to be over then.

I always feel like Tarentino is a closet racist with his liberal usage of the "N-word". Yeah, yeah, I know this movie was all about slavery. But I remember it being used a lot in the Bonnie Situation segment of Pulp Fiction and I thought the guy seemed to be enjoying using his artistic freedom a little too much.

Jamie Foxx was really good though. I can't believe that's the same guy who played Wanda on In Living Colour. He's done well.
09/19 -- Godflesh
09/25-26 -- Godspeed You! Black Emperor
10/03 -- Origin
10/04 -- Black Dahlia Murder
10/16 -- Negura Bunget
11/01 -- Deafheaven

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