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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post

Anyone got any guesses on who Undies could face this year? I really don't even have the slightest idea...
Taker will face Punk this year if he has a match. There's nothing else for Punk to do right now since he lost his rematch for the title. Since Punk is always going on about respect it would make sense for him to face the most respected guy ever in the WWE locker room, The Undertaker.

I think this angle with Swagger has potential but they may be over pushing it right away by giving him a world title match at mania so soon. They should let the angle build for a few months and see how it gets over before shooting Swagger towards the top of the card. Don't forget he was a guy who was jobbed out for about a year straight before he came back. I still don't think he's a believable threat in the eyes of most fans. Mark Henry on the other hand is.
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