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30 Days Of Clutch

I'm doing this on my Facebook and thought I would put it on here too. With Clutch being one of my favorite bands (and favorites on here as well). I'm doing my 30 favorite Clutch songs with #1 coinciding with the release of Earth Rocker on March 19th. I will be updating this daily and adding a new song everyday. With that being said... These songs just missed the cut:

34. Immortal - Pure Rock Fury
33. Red Horse Rainbow - Pure Rock Fury
32. Motherless Child - Strange Cousins From The West
31. 8 Times Over Miss October - Elephant Riders

30. The Incomprable Mr. Flannery - Robot Hive / Exodus:

Lyrically I think this is one of the best Clutch songs ever. How many 70s-80s bands can you lyrically stick into one song? The answer to that would be 5. This will be only 1 of 2 songs off RH/E. Its a good album from Clutch, but I wouldn't call it a great Clutch album. But this, for me, is one of the few gems off that album.
10/7 - Run The Jewels
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