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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
You saw it in a theater? How does that work?
Just like a movie really. Except it costs a little more ($18) and there's usually more people than the average movie I've seen in theaters. They've been doing it in Canada since late-2000 I think.

You get a few retards but tonights crowd was really good. It's more fun sometimes to see it with a bunch of people. Seeing Brock Lesnar botch his shooting star press at Wrestlemania XIX in a theater was pretty entertaining. And it made watching the first One Night Stand with a bunch of other people who were really into it was a lot of fun too. And I'll never forget the crowd erupting when Maven eliminated the Undertaker from the 2002 Royal Rumble. It's actually really fun as long as the crowd doesn't get too stupid. I had that happen a few times and it made me kinda embarrassed to be in a theater with them. Granted it happened at a few really bad PPV's (No Mercy 2004 was a particularly bad experience).
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