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Thoughts on Elimination Chamber:
-Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio was pretty good. Not as good as their match at the Royal Rumble but still entertaining. The only thing that bugged me for the whole match was that I still just don't buy ADR as a face. He's terrible as a face actually.
-Antonio Cesario vs. the Miz was okay. I thought a lot of spots that were used in the previous match would've worked better in this one but it was too early to start repeating them. I'd say it's a good bet they'll meet at Wrestlemania.
-the Elimination Chamber match was decent. That match has lost it's mystique for me. I can't believe this was the sixteenth one! I had a feeling it would be Mark Henry winning but once I learned more about Jack Swaggers character I figured he'd win. Jericho was gold (as always).
-I loved the six man tag. It really would've benefitted from being in the Chamber, or at least an elimination tag. They could've used it as a good tool to build Ryback. Like I said a few posts ago; I've never seen the Shield before tonight but I LOVED those guys. It's really too bad they'll probably be gone this time next year. Not just the group but the three individual guys. And Cena is such a faggot. I'm sorry but he sucks so much. Even not watching wrestling for the past four years as soon as he gets on camera I'm taken back to 2005 when it all started. God I hate that guy.
-Ziggler vs. Kofi was good in the short time they had. Some really nice spots like when Ziggler did a 450 degree spin after Kofi's kick, and the final spot. But so short, the time would've been better used in the main-event.
-the Divas match was a divas match, whatever. Kaitlyn is really pretty.
-Tensai's comment about his face tattoo was actually funny, something rare for a WWE skit. Just the way he said "oh, knowing my luck..." seemed really authentic.
-the Main Event was (I'm going into Sanitarium territory here) absolutely terrible. They could've done so much more with the "Rock gets DQ'ed he loses the title" story. Like have Punk egg him on with a chair or something. It just didn't have that big match feel like the Rumble did. Rock was total shit and CM Punk didn't seem like he gave a fuck either. I was expecting a run-in of some sort, or a gong. I knew it wasn't going to be any good when the match itself didn't start until 10:30. Most PPV's I've seen have the main event starting around 10:00 (the intros, match around fifteen minutes later) and it seemed like they always end around 10:42. At least this one went a bit longer than normal, I think around 10:50-10:52.

So it was an okay show. It was fun seeing it in a theater, which is something I did a lot in 2002-2006 but I hadn't done since Summerslam 2007 (I think). The Chamber was solid, ADR vs. Big Show was good and the six man match was great.
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