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I came here for 3rd Strike setlists, where are the 3rd Strike setlists
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Everything went as expected, except for the Shield win, which, whatever, doesn't really mean anything. It was cool, I guess, but nothing special. All anyone will remember is the spear through the barrier. I guess Swagger winning was a bit surprising, but it holds up with the idea that it would be racist Swagger vs face Del Rio, so I should have seen that coming more.

All that really matters to me is that Cesaro retained.

But seriously, so far for WM they have Cena vs Rock 2 (zzz) and Del Rio vs Swagger. They'd better warm up the Lesnar, Undertaker and HHH jets, because this is boring so far. But I guess it's longer away than the usual gap between PPVs, so they can build some things up.
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