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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
71.5150 - Van Halen

1.Good Enough
2.Why Can't This Be Love
3.Get Up
5.Summer Nights
6.Best Of Both Worlds
7.Love Walks In

Genre: Hard Rock

Before anyone starts to throw a fit, I would like to point out that this isn't the only Van Halen record that will make this list.That said, I actually do like a lot of Sammy stuff, of course they are exceptions.This record though is very good, and really surprised me on my first listen, because I only heard bad stuff about Sammy.Eddie has some of his best work on here in my opinion, just listen to "Summer Nights".The highlights include the slow, keyboard driven ballad "Love Walks In", the killer title-track, and my favorite, another keyboard driven track "Dreams".The only song that is weak here in my opinion is "Inside", but other than that, it's an awesome album that all rock fans need to check out.

Standout Track:
I can't listen to this or OU812 much at all anymore because they're both terribly produced, but 5150, the song, is one of Ed's best works. Bitch & a half to play correctly.
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