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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
If it's against one of the minor WWE PPVs and they make it a really fucking good one it might work.


And I seriously hope Mantell's run is one step closer to him being the head booker of Raw. The guy is the best booker in the business bar-none. I never thought he'd show up to even play a character on raw cos he seemed like an Orthodox southern guy but guess I was wrong.
I'm not saying it's a good idea that could work. It's a stupid idea that I'm surprised they haven't tried yet. Bound For Glory wouldn't stand a chance against TLC.

I've been trying to find out how to express why I don't like TNA and I think it comes down to two things. First, there was the era of 2005-2008 when anyone who the WWE got rid of ended up in TNA and got the title or a big push within a few months. That just looked lame on TNA for putting all their money on the WWE's cast-offs.

But now my big problem with them is they're trying to CREATE a legacy for themselves rather than EARN it. Wrestlemania is Wrestlemania because it had a rich history that came before the first one. And it's had thirty years to build that legacy. Telling me Bound For Glory is "your Wrestlemania" just doesn't work for me. They tried invading RAW once (ala DX) and the WWE didn't so much as mention it on their website. They tried to create another Monday Night War without there being any real tension behind it. The WWE never really acknowledged it before, during or since. It was more David verses Goliath, but in this case Goliath just stood there as David fell on his face. Then they created their own Hall of Fame. The WWE has a rich history dating back well over sixty years with so many people coming through and being made stars. For them to not have a Hall of Fame would make no sense. TNA has ten years behind them, and most of their biggest stars were made famous elsewhere. I think the only people in theirs are Christian and Sting, who did a lot more in the WWE and WCW.

And now they're for some reason booking an arena that the WWE could fill. Why? In the end they'll pay a fortune and come out with nothing. And trying to take their show national? Why, when the Impact Zone was doing fine for them?

They seem so hell bent on trying to convince people that they're on the same level as the WWE and they're not and probably never will be. They should just accept the fact that they're a small time promotion and build on that. In twenty years they could have a legacy. But with all this stupid stuff they keep trying they won't be around it twenty years.

Vince McMahon is a moron. But all the success he's has he's earned. Dixie Carter and whoever else is making decisions for TNA are morons too. And all the failures they've had and will continue to have they've earned.

That's the end of my little rant for now but I'm sure I'll come up with more.
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