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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
I'm surprised everyone is so upset that the new stuff got cut. The new album is totally mediocre, so I'd definitely take a bunch of classics over new stuff... depending on how Chuck actually sang the old stuff. If his voice is shot, that would really suck.
Get this: Not everybody thinks that. The album's been on plenty of year-end lists. At least they did Rise Up instead of Native Blood.

One song off the new record reminds me of back when Megadeth used to post their sets on the public forums. I asked why some random South American date was being advertised as the Endgame tour and they were only playing Headcrusher off it. This was right after the RiP tour, and apparently they were doing that in SA, which I didn't know. Anyway Mustaine got pissed, accused me of being an idiot that doesn't pay attention to the band, and as a result the setlists stopped being posted in the public section of the forum.

Because apparently asking why they're only playing one song off an album they're touring for is totally unreasonable and questioning Dave's sanity.

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