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Originally Posted by Kevin-J View Post
We got screwed all the way around in Worcester. Both Overkill and Flotsam each cut a song from their regular set and Testament dropped 3 new songs for 2 songs I've been hearing live since seeing them on the Practice tour.

I'm a huge Testament fan, but I don't buy the reason for his voice being burnt out. If it was, they would have postponed the DVD shoot the night before. What probably happened was that he strained himself giving it all for the shoot and those of us seeing them the night after the shoot got the short end of the stick.

This is why you schedule DVD shoots at the end of a tour or as a stand-alone show. To schedule a shoot in the middle of a tour, especially in the winter in the northeast, is a bad idea on paper, and the Worcester show payed the price.
This a million times over. I'm normally one to totally support Testament in everything they do, but they really didn't handle the DVD thing very well. Nowadays, the best live albums are raw snapshots of a tour. Making the DVD show a different one in terms of both the performance and the setlist makes it only a really cool keepsake for those who attended that particular show, not everyone who attended the whole tour. That's why Maiden and Rush can crank out good live records like no tomorrow, they're tour souvenirs, not show souvenirs.

It sucks that Worcester had to deal with the consequences of the DVD shoot, although I can see why they dropped the new songs. At the LA show Chuck struggled/held back the most on the new songs, you can definitely tell he saved his absolute best performance for the studio takes, which is definitely smart in the long run. The older stuff doesn't require as much from him in terms of vocal versatility, and he can pretty much speak/sing Over the Wall if he wants (and basically did until a couple years ago). It might sound weird, but Chuck singing at maybe 80-90% while on tour now will do him a whole lot of good when he hits his later 50s and 60s. It's the reason why Bruce Dickinson and Klaus Meine still totally own live, they held back onstage in the 80s and didn't destroy their voice night after night. And that's why Rob Halford is a shell of his old self, even if dude is sounding way better than he has in like 10 years. Rob screamed his throat out onstage all throughout the seventies and eighties which was awesome at the time, but the long term damage he caused is more or less irreparable now.
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