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Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
I really hope I get a promo for this. I love Awaiting Evil and have been waiting for a new one since it came out!

Very happy to hear it's a good album.
Awesome dude! You should send em a message on facebook or something, chances are you'll get a really nice reply from Travis, their bassist. Awaiting Evil is a good album, but it did a pretty awful job of capturing what Hatchet sounded like live in those days. For some reason Marcus tried sounding like Paul DiAnno instead of doing his normal thrash shout and Julz's guitar tone was basically neutered. The drum sound was also super weird. Great songs, but the production just didn't work. I know Julz has never been happy with it.

The guitars sound incredible on Dawn of the End, and as a singer Julz shows a ton more personality than Marcus did on Awaiting Evil. Julz's songwriting has changed a bit though, the fast ones are a bit more brutal and heavy than the quick songs on Awaiting Evil and and the midtempo songs are more Priest and Maiden-like than thrashy. You can definitely tell Julz has been expanding his tastes beyond thrash in the last few years. Awaiting Evil Part 2 this album is not!
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