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Originally Posted by Sinister_Chalupa666 View Post
Alright lets clear some things up since I live here in San Antonio where this is taking place.

That is the Alamodome and it's a place that holds about 70+ thousand for football and can hold conventions and shit. WWE held the Rumble here in 97 and it sold the fuck out. So imagine the Rumble but with Wrestlemania type atmosphere and with over 80+ thousand people. One of the best moments of my life to see HBK beat Sid for the belt there :')


Why TNA is holding it there? idk but it's a joke. When the seating chart came out i died laughing because we have other places they could hold it here.

We have the AT&T Center where WWE goes every Raw that sits 18+ thousand for their shows and they could use half of it or they could use the Freeman Coliseum right next to that holds 11,700 which I think would have been perfect. This is just embarrassing to see and idk lol. this is just a joke.
Thanks for clearing that up. I had read somewhere that the Allamodome holds smaller events and that the TNA seating chart was the usual kind of setup for them, I guess not. You living there would know way more about what goes on at that venue than I would. TNA has been doing really good lately, over that last year and a half i've enjoyed their weekly TV product way more than the WWE. But they have no clue how to market at all. It's strange, you would think with all the veteran minds they have at their disposal, like Hogan, Sting, Bischoff, Jarrett, Angle, Bully Ray who used to book the venues for ECW back in the day, that TNA's marketing wouldn't be so bad. You would think they would go to veterans like these and talk to them about what it takes to make a wrestling company successful.

I think this new angle with Swagger has potential. An alliance with Cesaro and a fued with Del Rio can easily come from this. The guy who Swagger has talking for him used to wrestle under the name Dirty Dutch Mantel back in the 80s. He mainly performed in the NWA and various other territories back in the day. Mantel is one of those unsung behind the scenes poeple. He helped out The Undertaker and Kane when they first broke into the buisness and when Steve Austin was looking for a name to wrestle under Mantel was the one who suggested he use the last name Austin. He was also employeed by TNA for a time and was in charge of the Knockouts division at the time when it was really good a few years back. He's a wrestling veteran who knows what he's doing and it's a good thing he's been paired up with Swagger. It may finally be the one thing to but Swags over the top now.
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