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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
This has to be a joke. Why would TNA even think to try booking an arena that big? I'm not going to start TNA bashing but they are just not that big. If WWE rented half the arena out from them or not, the place would still probably be half empty anyway. And they'd be paying for the full arena!

No this has to be a joke. If it isn't I have no sympathy for TNA when they're back to doing shows only at the Impact Zone in September.
Alright lets clear some things up since I live here in San Antonio where this is taking place.

That is the Alamodome and it's a place that holds about 70+ thousand for football and can hold conventions and shit. WWE held the Rumble here in 97 and it sold the fuck out. So imagine the Rumble but with Wrestlemania type atmosphere and with over 80+ thousand people. One of the best moments of my life to see HBK beat Sid for the belt there :')


Why TNA is holding it there? idk but it's a joke. When the seating chart came out i died laughing because we have other places they could hold it here.

We have the AT&T Center where WWE goes every Raw that sits 18+ thousand for their shows and they could use half of it or they could use the Freeman Coliseum right next to that holds 11,700 which I think would have been perfect. This is just embarrassing to see and idk lol. this is just a joke.
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