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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
Whats everyones take on that old dude that is teaming up with Swagger now? It could be an OK angle... but he isn't believable enough.
It's almost too over the top for me. I know heels are heels and you're not supposed to like them, but stuff about REAL AMERICANS and I DON'T EVEN RECOGNIZE MY COUNTRY ANYMORE and GIT BACK ACROSS THE BORDER isn't even clever from a writing standpoint. I guess they could be building to Swagger vs. Del Rio to further get Del Rio over as a face, but it just feels kind of lazy.

Most of the heels feel better written than the faces right now - seriously, tell me one interesting trait about Sheamus (he likes to FOIGHT! and have a PINT!) or Randy Orton (you hear voices that tell you what to do and make you PSYCHOTIC to where you can just SNAP? that's some nu-metal nonsense right there, he's one step away from wearing cat-eye contacts at Ozzfest 2000) - so it's a little surprising that this one is just ridiculous so far.

Haha I had a lot more things to say than I thought I did.
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