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Honorable Mention #2
the Angelic Process – Weighing Souls with Sand (2007)

This album somehow got lost in the shuffle but it probably should have been in my top twenty. I don't know what happen but I think when I was going through my list of albums it was sandwiched between two bands that I have a couple albums by that I knew weren't going to be in my top twenty and I highlighted them all an deleted them, inadvertently deleting this one. So I'll call this the official #21 (at least). There’s not much I can say about this band or album. They weren’t around for very long and only released a few very hard to find albums (I’ve never even heard any of the other ones). And they had a very sad ending when the guitarist, vocalist, main person suffered a hand injury that left him unable to play guitar and he ended up taking his own life a year later (other factors probably played into that but there’s really not much information on them). Regardless, this was my Album of the Year in 2007. The music is very much in the drone/wall-of-noise genre. Just a huge guitar sound with layers upon layers of distortion. Added to that are some beautiful whispered vocals and some really great keyboards. The only place the album comes up short is the drums, which are programmed and really basic. But I guess that’s best for music of this genre. The first four songs hit especially hard. Each are just so haunting, beautiful and captivating. I remember it was summer when I got that album and it was before I had children. I don't know where my wife was but I just listened to those songs louder than I have probably ever listened to anything else in my life and sat in a chair. The album slows down after that and loses a bit of interest. But when this album is awesome (which is for about seventy five percent) it’s fucking AWESOME. If you ever listen to it, listen to it as loud as you speakers will allow.
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