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As with all lists, after you've done them you think, "shit I should've added that" or "I completely forgot that one". My top twenty still stands but I've decided to start posting some "honorable mentions". No order really, just as they cross my mind or something inspires me to write about them.

Honorable Mention #1.
Danzig - 4p (1994)

No one will argue that the first four Danzig albums are all classics. To me though after twenty plus years the first two are really showing their age. And even Danzigs’s 5 and 6:66 sound dated now. But Danzig 4p still sounds fresh to me almost twenty years later. I find it to be such a dark, dark album. The cover, the artwork (all black, white lyrics) and one grainy picture of the band really helps add to the darkness. And while I find Danzig III has aged really well too I just think the songs are way better on 4p. Going Down To Die, Until You Call on the Dark, Dominion, Sadistikal, Stalker Song and Let It Be Captured are all sound so dark to me. And Brand New God/Little Whip, Cantspeak and Bringer of Death are just awesome songs. My favorite evil memory of this album happened in 1998, when I was listening to a tape recorded copy of Until You Call On the Dark. It was really late at night and I was trying to get to sleep, during a thunderstorm. A huge thundercrack hit and the tapedeck started fucking up and the tape got all wound up around itself; then started playing backwards during the last part of the song where Danzig is singing, “oh it’s so long”. Swear to god backwards he’s repeating “I love Satan” over and over again. I rewound the tape and tried playing it again but the tape had corrected itself, or Satan had released his grasp on my tapedeck. That...was awesome.
Favorite Song: Cantspeak
12/16 -- Dillinger Escape Plan
12/29 -- Municipal Waste(?)
12/30 -- Clutch

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